another song by Zack and Taisha <3

i miss this. i wanna sing right now but it’s way too late. singing is the only thing that keeps me sane. when i was little and my mom would yell at me for something stupid i would lock myself in the bathroom and sing, i’m 20 years old and i swear to God i still lock myself in the bathroom and sing until my lungs give out. I wrote this song not last christmas but the one before… These are probably my favorite lyrics i’ve ever written. 

I was dressed up for the best, but now it feels like a piece of you was left inside my chest, waiting for you, for you, for you feel somethings waiting for me, to speak up, speak up speak up cause time’s are changing. And i, i don’t know anymore…. i don’t know anymore.

my heart’s been filled with a wellspring of continuous doubt…. and yeah im facing the door but the reality is theres no way out I’d be lying to myself if i thought it would work out, i’m throwing in the towel erasing all doubt. I might have lost the fight but not the war. 

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